Friday, November 13, 2015

12 Ways to Engage Both Sensing and Intuitive Employees

"Leaders who get the balance right will respect the preferences of both sensing and intuitive employees and:
  • Use their imagination and aspirations to develop a clear vision, and convert to understandable outcomes.
  • Make connections; develop big picture and systems thinking to have an overview of how things will be.
  • Harness the power of strategic plans as well as action plans.
  • Assess the current situation or reality and understand where they are right now.
  • Bridge the gap between current and future reality with communication, plans and milestones.
  • Connect the past, present and future through storytelling and timelines.
  • Work towards outcomes through believable milestones, so both realistic, and idealistic, can buy–in.
  • Be tuned into and help solve day to day problems.
  • Support and give credit and reward for “here and now” achievements.
  • Listen to and understand both intuitive and sensory input.
  • Harness appropriate change strategies.
  • Realize they have to understand the “here and now” to be able to turn idealistic dreams into reality." 


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