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“It was an amazing, career-changing experience. I feel so much more prepared now to carry out not only special projects but also my ordinary, daily responsibilities. I feel like I now have the tools to try new approaches to solve problems--these aren't ‘problems’ anymore; they're opportunities.” - ALI13 Cohort Member

Friday, November 13, 2015

12 Ways to Engage Both Sensing and Intuitive Employees

"Leaders who get the balance right will respect the preferences of both sensing and intuitive employees and:
  • Use their imagination and aspirations to develop a clear vision, and convert to understandable outcomes.
  • Make connections; develop big picture and systems thinking to have an overview of how things will be.
  • Harness the power of strategic plans as well as action plans.
  • Assess the current situation or reality and understand where they are right now.
  • Bridge the gap between current and future reality with communication, plans and milestones.
  • Connect the past, present and future through storytelling and timelines.
  • Work towards outcomes through believable milestones, so both realistic, and idealistic, can buy–in.
  • Be tuned into and help solve day to day problems.
  • Support and give credit and reward for “here and now” achievements.
  • Listen to and understand both intuitive and sensory input.
  • Harness appropriate change strategies.
  • Realize they have to understand the “here and now” to be able to turn idealistic dreams into reality." 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

ALI@Berea Coordinator

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Coordinator of ALI@Berea. I’m Thom Price, and I’ve been a member of the Berea College community for several decades, first as a student, and now an employee. 
I’m known as the Gondola Guy, because I used to build them in Venice, Italy. I received the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, in 1996, for my project to spend a year in Venice, studying gondola building. I ended up spending 11 years there, running a boatyard for five of those.

I moved back to Berea, in 2007, with my husband, Paolo, who works at Eastern Kentucky University, and I’ve been helping with the logistics for the Brushy Fork Annual Institute, which takes place on our campus every fall, so I was excited to have the opportunity to do the same for the Archives Leadership Institute.
I look forward to meeting the 2016 cohort of Archive Leaders, and making sure that their time at Berea is full of engaging and enjoyable experiences. Please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have about the Institute.

Monday, November 9, 2015

ALI Leadership Retreat – Planning for ALI 2016

This year the ALI Steering Committee met in Berea, Kentucky, to familiarize themselves with the new facilities and plan ALI 2016. Dan drove in from Ohio, Tanya, from North Carolina, while Beth, Brenda, Geof and Terry flew in from Massachusetts, Texas, New York, and Oregon. With Rachel being the Berea College Archivist, she was happy to introduce the college as the new host for ALI over the next three summers. She also introduced Thom Price, the new coordinator, and Mark Nigro, who will be the lead facilitator, and who facilitated the retreat.

They planned each day’s events, including who will be leading each day’s class, and possible activities outside of class. Mark is a very talented facilitator, with a large bag of tricks, and he described the wide range of leadership topics and activities he uses, and will put together a fun filled day for everyone and give share valuable tools that help leaders be more effective at a personal level, and at a team level. ALI is very happy to have Mark be a part of our program at Berea.