Monday, January 28, 2013

Introducing The ALI Salon

The ALI Salon consists of a series of three forums, which also act as email listservs. 

  1. General Discussion forum:  This is open to all participants, alumni, faculty, staff, and others who are a part of the ALI experience. This General forum can be used to pitch projects, post articles and discussion topics, make announcements, or anything else that is related to archives and leadership. 
  2. Alumni Discussion forum: This forum is open to ALI alumni only.  It can be used to keep in touch, plan thematic group projects, collaborate on ALI or leadership workshops or presentations, or any other discussion appropriate to just alumni. 
  3. 2013 Cohort forum: This group is specifically open to the incoming 2013 Cohort only.  This forum is where pre-reading and assignments will be announced, where schedules and logistics will be planned, and participants can begin to meet and discuss topics with their Steering Committee mentors.  
These forums and its content are only open to members of these groups.  If you would like to read and contribute posts to forums, you will need to request to join each forum that you wish to follow. Once your request is received, you will be able to access the group.  Members of the 2013 ALI Cohort will be automatically enrolled into the 2013 Cohort forum, but will need to request to be a part of the General Discussion forum, if desired.

An additional piece of the ALI Salon is the Directory, a public page that holds contact information for ALI faculty and staff and previous cohorts' participation lists.  Please note that individuals' titles or employers may have changed since they attended the Archives Leadership Institute.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post or email Sasha Griffin, the ALI Program Coordinator at <>.  


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